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EMU Communication Faculty Undergoing ACA Accreditation

EMU Communication Faculty Undergoing ACA Accreditation
Published Date: Monday, 1 December 2014

Eastern Mediterranean University Communication Faculty is undergoing the international accreditation of the American Communication Association (ACA).

A team of three accreditation committee members from ACA visited EMU Communication Faculty last week to conduct some observations and evaluations. Within the framework of the visit, ACA accredition committee members Prof. Dr. Philip Jeffrey Auter, Prof. Dr. Peter Antony De Caro and Prof. Dr. James Lawson Parker met the administrative staff of the faculty as well as the students, observed classes and technical possibilities of the faculty and took part in various meetings. ACA accreditation is granted following an evaluation of the undergraduate and postgraduate programs in line with set criteria consisting of 14 items.

Providing information about the accreditation process, EMU Communication Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Süleyman İrvan stated that their faculty is the first communication faculty within TRNC and Turkey undergoing accreditation process as such. Stating that the accreditation process is a long and difficult process, Prof. Dr. İrvan put forth that they have been working on ACA accreditation for more than one year. Prof. Dr. İrvan stated that the faculty's accreditation committee produced an evaluation report certifying that the faculty provides education suitable with ACA's standards. Following their evaluation of the report, ACA accreditation committee found it sufficient and devided to visit the faculty. During the past week, the committee almost met everyone within the faculty, took notes, observed classes, held meetings, visited the university library and EMU TV studios and had a meeting with the Director of the Computer Center. Stating that it will take some time for the committee to prepare their report on the accreditation, Prof. Dr. İrvan added that in the meantime the faculty will continue to develop.

After a meeting with the accreditation committee, EMU Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sözen stated the importance of accreditations for Eastern Mediterranean University as the accreditations are not only vital in terms of quality but also important for overcoming embargoes applied on the country. Putting forth that a considerable number of faculties have received the accreditation of an array of prominent organisations, Prof. Sözen stated that further accreditations will be achieved in the meantime.

During their stay in TRNC, ACA committee members also had a chance to meet the Turkish Cypriot media representatives. Havadis Newspaper General Director and Editor in Chief Başaran Düzgün, Kanal Sim Director Sami Özuslu, Detay Newspaper Editor in Chief Oshan Sabırlı and Genç TV Editor in Chief Nazar Erişkin attended the meeting which took place at EMU Communication Faculty. During the meeting the structure and problems of Cyprus Turkish media, the relationship between EMU Communication Faculty and other media organs, internship opportunities for students, and specialising in media were discussed.

Chair of the accreditation committee Prof. Dr. Phil Auter thanked EMU for making them feel at home as well as providing them with a unique experience. Stating his pleasure in observing the harmonious working environment among the faculty staff, Prof. Dr. Auter put forth that the university provides education at professional standards. Prof. Dr. Auter said that the final decision regarding the accreditation will be given by ACA Executive Board and added that ACA looks forward to work in collaboration with EMU regarding further projects.