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ACA Accreditation Committee Members Met Media Professionals

ACA Accreditation Committee Members Met Media Professionals
Published Date: Monday, 1 December 2014

As part of the evaluations regarding Eastern Mediterranean University Communication Faculty's accreditation process, the American Communication Association (ACA) accreditation committee held a meeting with Cyprus Turkish media professionals.

Havadis Newspaper General Director and Editor in Chief Başaran Düzgün, Kanal Sim Director Sami Özuslu, Detay Newspaper Editor in Chief Oshan Sabırlı and Genç TV Editor in Chief Nazar Erişkin attended the meeting which took place at EMU Communication Faculty. During the meeting the structure and problems of Cyprus Turkish media, the relationship between EMU Communication Faculty and other media organs, internship opportunities for students, and specialising in media were discussed.

ACA accreditation committee members also met with PRIsland General Director and Ajans Press Cyprus representative Faika Yalvaç and discussed the situation of the public relations sector in North Cyprus.

As EMU Communication Faculty graduates, Faika Yalvaç, Oshan Sabırlı and Nazar Erişkin expressed their happiness in observing various positive developments within their former faculty. Sami Özuslu, who gives Television Journalism course in EMU Communication Faculty stated that the faculty has sufficient technical infrastructure to provide high standard communication studies. During the meeting, Başaran Düzgün provided information about the internship opportunities provided for EMU Communication Faculty students at their newspaper.