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Eastern Mediterranean University Expresses Gratitude to Prof. Dr. Süleyman İrvan

Eastern Mediterranean University Expresses Gratitude to Prof. Dr. Süleyman İrvan
Published Date: Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Eastern Mediterranean University Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Osam presented a silver plate to Prof. Dr. Süleyman İrvan, former dean of Faculty of Communication and Media Studies who resigned from his post due to health reasons during the previous week.

Extending the university's gratitude and appreciation for Prof. Dr. İrvan's services between 20 September 2010 and 27 March 2015, Prof. Dr. Osam stated that Prof. Dr. İrvan is a very valuable member of the university's academic community as noteworthy achievements were gained regarding accreditations, the number of students and new programs during his service. Putting forth that the university respects Prof. Dr. İrvan's decision, Prof. Dr. Osam added that health is more important than anything else. Stating that Prof. İrvan will be continuing with his academic duties until July, Prof. Dr. Osam wished him all success in his prospective endeavors.

Prof. Dr. İrvan thanked EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Osam and added that EMU has a very important place in his academic life. Prof. Dr. İrvan added that during his service, he tried to contribute to Communication and Media Studies Faculty in the best and most productive way possible. In his final remarks, Prof. Dr. İrvan stated that he is sure that EMU Communication and Media Studies Faculty will continue to develop and set samples with outstanding achievements. Prof. Dr. İrvan wished the university administration all the best in their commitments.