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Dean's Message

Dear students, 

   Nowadays with the increasing of acceleration of the globalization the need for information, 

communication and media industries become more important. In the next decade, the need for 

qualified human force in these industries will be increased. 

   We would like to recommend Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Communication and 

Media Studies to students who consider to continue their education in the field of communication as 

a beneficial option. Faculty of Communication provides undergraduate education in the field of   New 

Media & Journalism, Cinema & TV, Public Relations & Advertising, Visual Arts & Visual 

Communication Design and Animation & Video Game Design.

   In the Faculty, a student-centered education and management approach is prevalent. Our students 

have the opportunities to prepare themselves for their future profession in a best way. Our main 

mission is to provide necessary professional skills for the students to start in the best place and 

besides to that also offer a quality education. 

   Knowing what you are looking for makes you infallible in your preference!

With my best regards…

Prof. Dr. Senih Çavuşoğlu