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Strategic Plan

Our faculty gave a good exam in the name of reconstruction in a short time. We target a more efficient learning by providing the harmony between theoretical knowledge and practical experience to achieve contemporary higher education standards. Learning while doing and doing while learning is a process that will realize by combining of academic knowledge with the production process.

Workshops, which will be held to support the academic program and practices for projects, reinforce the student's knowledge and intellectual capability about the area.  While on one side academic process keep going on is inevitable to proceed with programs that knowledge can be converted in to the practical and empirical activities. To ensure the development of practical skills we need to take the advantage of practical environment, how analytical thinking is fed in multiple information environments. Strategic planning model for higher education that has also been targeted by our Faculty is built on these ideas.

The students who graduated from any department of our faculty have the effective knowledge and skills of our targeted programs that pointing to the student profiles. We are serving with a higher educational approach that indicates the need for intercultural communication, emphasized the universal values and allows the development of personal skills and the intellectual capacity. 

While Faculty of Communication continues to academic life, aims at providing a more integrated structure –two close disciplines– such as communication and design. Our programs that are planned considering contemporary requirements are Department of Film and Television, New Media and Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising, Visual Arts and Communication Design and Animation and Digital Games Design… 

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